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junkphreak2002 09-01-02 11:14 PM

mandrake 9.0 beta 4
mandrake 9.0 beta 4

has anyone installed this OS i love it but having troble installing the
kernel. does anyone have any ideas or has done it ?
i ahve a 1.3 duron and gf3 TI 500
512meg pc133
on a K7S5Am/b
i had 8.2 mandrake insatlled but wated to try this now i cant install the new drivers please HELP !!! i run q3 servers and cant play lol


gadido 09-02-02 07:14 AM

You aren't getting much response.... I'm sorry but I haven't got mandrake 9.0. I'm a mandrake lover but I had so much trouble with 8.2 so I installed rh 7.3 which I don't like at all. I'd like to try 9.0 but how? The ISOs are over 700mb and do not fit on a cd. And it would take forever thru the net. How did you get it on your computer?

junkphreak2002 09-02-02 02:28 PM

all i did was ftp them to my destop and burned them from there they are ISO so its a image file so you will be ableto burn them on 700 meg cds

gadido 09-02-02 04:51 PM

But they are more than 700 mb? I don't see any >700mb cd's in the store. I'll try to burn these cd's , but I don't see how. I will try installing from an image on the hard disk somewhere if I can't burn a cd. Never did that with linux before. People do do that don't they?
I really like mandrake's distros. The red hat people are out to lunch. Why in bloody h**l would someone want to have to manually set up auto mounting for cdrom and floppy on a graphic desktop/workstation type setup like KDE or Gnome?
By the way you might want to check the md5 checksums ( I'm sure you did ). I downloaded some mandrake ISO's that were bad. I didn't check until after I burned them! ( I had gotten used to things working all the time and had gotten lazy. ) I tried them anyway!....They'll kind of work but don't really. I probably get flamed by some "gurus" for admitting to this. Ha

hcarty 09-04-02 07:17 PM

Just a little fyi, some ISO image can be bigger than the listed size of the CD. I'm not positive , but I believe it has to do with extra error correction info, and that sort of stuff. And just because the ISO is larger than 700 000 000 bytes, doesn't mean it's larger that 700mb. Last I checked, the 9.0rc1 ISO's all fall under 700mb.

Just in case you wondered :-)

utiel 09-04-02 08:13 PM

compiling Kernel with Mandrake beta
There is Mandrake 9.0 rc1 ( and posibly rc2 ;) )

When I tried Mandrake betas, I ever had problems for compiling a kernel.

1. Kernel source is not distributed in beta disk

If Kernel source isn't in disk ( I now use RedHat ) download it from

or another mirror

If you only want to compile Nvidia driver, you need Kernel-headers, but not kernel-source. If you dont install kernel-source, have to do 2 symbolic links
/usr/include/linux -> /usr/src/linux/include/linux
/usr/include/asm -> /usr/src/linux/include/asm (or asm-i386 if asm doesnt exit)

I have compiled kernel always, not compile only Nvidia driver.

If you could compile kernel, then installing NVdriver is easy.

Download srpms, instead of rpm

You need to have installed rpm-build too

execute "rpm --rebuild *.srpm"
or "rpmbuild --rebuild *.srpm"

If all is OK, you will have your own RPM's, in.... /usr/src/RPMS/RPMS/ix86 , I don't remember path...

now, install them, with rpm -i where/your/files/are/*.rpm

If you compiled a kernel version diferent that you currently execute, kernel-driver will install in current kernel-directories.
ex, if you run 2.4.18-11, and compile 2.4.18-11custom ( version in /usr/src/linux/Makefile) your Nvidia driver will install in /lib/modules/2.4.18/.... not in 2.4.18custom directory.

Use export TARGET_KERNEL=2.4.18-11custom
or your kernel-version destination before recompile NVidia-kernel

When you have compiled and installed, have to modify manually /etc/X11/XF86Config

And this is ALL ( I hope )

utiel 09-04-02 08:23 PM

700 Mb CDs
This images are for 80 min CDs

An 80 min CD, fit about 701 MB
An 74 min CD, fit about 655 MB

Another question is diference between MB and Mb.

1 MB = 1024 KB ( KiloBytes, used in formated HardDisk or CDs )
1 Mb = 1000 Kb (KiloBits, used for transmission,conexion)

Also, there is another diference ( I supose )

1Giga USA = 1000x 1000= 1000.000
1Giga EU = 1024X1024 = 1048.576

700 * 1 MB > 700.000.000 bytes in Europe

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