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Rakeesh 12-10-09 04:35 AM

WOW patch 3.3 and ICC
What are most of your opinions of the new raid instance?

Personally I thought overall it was pretty good as far as graphics and storyline goes. I liked the gunship battle and the whole saurfang storyline was neat. But IMO its waaaaaaaay undertuned. Seriously my guild one shotted every boss encounter in there, and we never did it on the PTR so it was our first time seeing everything. We only wiped a few times on the elevator after deathwhisper because the trash there is buggy.

Raid instance aside, the new dungeon que system is nice, especially for me as a tank. The instant I queue I get a group, and seconds later I am in the instance. It used to be I would spend more time trying to form a group and move their asses over to the instance than it would take to clear the instance (typically 20 minutes or less.)

Redeemed 12-11-09 09:20 PM

Re: WOW patch 3.3 and ICC
They released a new patch? Haven't played this game in months... :lol:

Ninjaman09 12-13-09 05:54 PM

Re: WOW patch 3.3 and ICC
New dungeon system is great, ICC is way too easy. Pretty much agree with your take on it.

lIqUID 12-15-09 06:28 AM

Re: WOW patch 3.3 and ICC
lovin the new dungeon system so far. I was in agroup for ICC and got kicked for gear not being good enough. I typically sustain 4500+ on single targets in 5 mans, so I'm thinking group leader was a retard. I hate my server so much.

WeReWoLf 12-15-09 06:43 AM

Re: WOW patch 3.3 and ICC
Did the ICC 10 man, Saurfang giving us some trouble. Best we've done on him so far is 18%.

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