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toxygen 12-11-09 08:38 PM

Driver realeases/vdpau info?
This may be a noobish question.

Which driver is considered the "latest" driver?

Current releases
Current official release: 190.42 (x86 / x86_64)
Current prerelease: 190.53
Current beta release: 195.22 (x86 / x86_64)
I'm currently using 195.22 for x86_64, with libvdpau from the same package. I use archlinux, and the arch package for libvdpau is older than the one on this driver package (I based this conclusion on installing from both the libvdpau package and then from the files included in this driver).

My question is, now that 190.53 is released, does this have the features from 195.22? if so, then 190.53 is the latest, correct? if it does not have the features from 195.22, then what will be the difference? I assume both 190.53 and 195.22 have features that 190.42 does not have. My confusion stems from the READMEs (for 195.22 and 190.53) not referencing things from each other, or from 190.42.

The second question is about libvdpau, are the packages made by arch linux (and others) based on the files in the drivers released by nvidia, or is this also a separate package/versioning? I know, I'll have to ask the arch packager for specifics, I'm wondering what others are doing in their particular distributions to separate libvdpau. I'm assuming is from the nvidia driver packages (based on what the README for 190.53 says:

# Modified the installation location and names of internal VDPAU libraries to conform to conventions and Debian packaging guidelines. New versions of libvdpau expect this layout. Compatibility with old versions of libvdpau is maintained with symlinks.

# Modified vdpau.h to increment VDPAU_VERSION, to reflect the fact that new features have been added in the past. Also, add the new define VDPAU_INTERFACE_VERSION.
could someone help me clear this up? thanks!
apologies if this has been asked before. thanks as always for the releases by nvidia!

AaronP 12-12-09 05:27 PM

Re: Driver realeases/vdpau info?
In terms of time, yes, 190.53 was released after 195.22, but it doesn't have all of the same stuff. We use a branched development model, so new features went into the 195.* releases that were not ported to 190.*. As you noted, 190.53 has some of the fixes that showed up in 195.22 first, but not everything, so it's not really possible to say that one or the other is "latest". It's best to think of 190.* as a stable release series and 195.* as a testing ground for new features. Refer to the NVIDIA_ChangeLog file that gets installed to /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/ for a list of the changes that were included in a particular release.

As for VDPAU, the wrapper library shipped with the driver is essentially just a build of the packages from here: http://people.freedesktop.org/~aplattner/vdpau/ [or in git]. At some point, we plan to stop shipping the wrapper and trace libraries in the .run package and ship only libvdpau_nvidia, relying on the distribution to provide libvdpau itself.

toxygen 12-12-09 08:58 PM

Re: Driver realeases/vdpau info?
ok great, so as i'm not doing any 3d intensive things, and mainly use compiz and watch mkv videos (where vdpau comes into play), would sticking to the stable/pre release stable) be recommended over the beta, as beta is being used as a testing ground and I assume as such would be buggier?
and when you say the libvdpau_nvidia is going to be the only component on the driver, that will be up to each distribution to properly package so I wouldnt even need to worry about updating that short of updating the driver itself when a new release comes out, right?

AaronP 12-13-09 02:47 AM

Re: Driver realeases/vdpau info?
Well, we strive to make every release high quality, and 195.22 has proven to be pretty good, but yeah, I'd recommend sticking with 190.* for now. As for VDPAU, as long as it works, you shouldn't need to worry about it. The package should install all of the components necessary.

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