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hdas 12-12-09 07:37 PM

Various xorg display drivers and CUDA?
I just dropped by to ask a quick question on which I didn't want to spend too much time googling around or reading docs.

I happen to use CUDA quite a bit (work-related and such) on my nvidia cards (9800GT on desktop, 9800M GS on notebook). The question is that can I use a different xorg driver than "nvidia" to drive my display (something like "vesa", "nv" or "nouveau") and yet load up the nvidia.ko kernel module and happily use CUDA too? I do know that CUDA does work (and works better) without X running. While I can easily test out "vesa" or "nv" sometime, my question is mainly about "nouveau".

Also, to clarify, the drivers from nvidia are awesome and feature-wise complete to my liking :D. Just that I got an itch to know more about nouveau and possibly try it. The pros I think would be possibly a lighter and more basic driver and tightly integrated to kernel (kms cough cough) and xorg, and possibly better multi-display management. Currently, while the nvidia-settings app is good for managing twinview, I am a bit vexed with this one large display resolution and things getting centered and/or stretched, rather than two connected desktops with different resolutions. (Yes I can do xorg.conf, but doing things often on notebook is tedious.) Besides, if I can get more resources for CUDA, it would be awesome. But the big cons I can see with nouveau is power-management (does it work to some extent? acpi?) and video acceleration (I use it often and love it) and overall desktop experience (I hate graphical glitches).

AaronP 12-13-09 02:51 AM

Re: Various xorg display drivers and CUDA?
No, that would require two different drivers driving the same hardware, and they'd step on each other's toes.

hdas 12-14-09 01:27 AM

Re: Various xorg display drivers and CUDA?
Thanks for the quick answer. I could almost see that coming, but I am a bit surprised that even "vesa" wouldn't do. It is stupid to ask this, but does "vesa" even use any of the shader cores :p?

AaronP 12-14-09 02:03 AM

Re: Various xorg display drivers and CUDA?
No it doesn't, and while there's a very slight chance it would work, it's definitely completely unsupported and I wouldn't recommend it.

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