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abrondz 12-13-09 05:41 AM

Display issues with 9600GT AGP
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I got a Geforce 9600GT about a year ago, but I've been having problems with graphic artifacts and computer freezes ever since. Switching to a TTY and then back to X seems to fix the problems temporarily, but a reboot is the only way to get rid of the artifacts, but even then it's only good for a few days before the story repeats itself. I've both tried reinstalling the OS, Gentoo Linux, and moving the card to another computer with the same result. I strongly suspect there is a problem with the card itself, but I'd appreciate a second opinion before complaining.

Attached is a screenshot of when the card goes haywire and a bug report captured at the same time.

hussam 12-13-09 11:00 AM

Re: Display issues with 9600GT AGP
I had the same exact problem with my 7300 GT AGP card.
I used to get visual artifacts in some opengl windows that led to system freezes. switching to tty would prevent the system freeze and temporally stop the artifacts but a reboot was eventually needed.
Later I found out that there is a power connector slot on the nvidia card. I turned off the PC, attached the power connector slot to the case's PSU and the visual artifacts and system freezes stopped. I hope this helps

abrondz 12-13-09 11:49 AM

Re: Display issues with 9600GT AGP
Yeah, I have the same thing, but I've made sure the power connector is attached. It could be a problem with a weak power supply though. On the other hand, the problems seem to come at random and seemingly not in connection with any sudden surge in power usage in the computer.

bdforbes 12-15-09 04:58 PM

Re: Display issues with 9600GT AGP
I have similar problems with a 9600GT PCI-e card. When I was using KDE, I got the garbled screen like yours, but when I switched to GNOME with Karmic, I just had freezes without the garbling. I'm going to check my power connectors now.

Here's my thread:

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