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CaptnStubing 12-15-09 04:54 PM

PS3 mouse
I've seen these before and saw they had good reviews. What I wanted to know is first hand info from anyone here who has used one.

I NEEEEED a mouse to play FPS.



Mr. Hunt 12-15-09 05:01 PM

Re: PS3 mouse
Do not get one. They are garbage. I got one some time ago and they suck horribly. The buttons on the mouse are utter garbage and barely work. You have to mash down so freaking hard to get them to shoot.

You might want to look into the "FRAGnStein" or whatever. Supposed to be similar but I haven't heard terrible things about it, either. I am personally not ready to buy one yet because I got burned on the FragFX. But if the buttons on it are actually usable I would definitely get it.

CaptnStubing 12-15-09 10:52 PM

Re: PS3 mouse
Thanks for the heads up Hunt. I did check into the Fragnsteing. I think I'll get one.

Mr. Hunt 12-15-09 11:47 PM

Re: PS3 mouse
Awesome. Tell me what you think of it so I can decide if I should get one also lol. Just be sure to update the firmware though.

CaptnStubing 12-16-09 01:19 AM

Re: PS3 mouse
roger that. Not sure when I'll get one but it will be by the end of the year.

MowTin 12-16-09 06:53 PM

Re: PS3 mouse
FRAGnStein looks good...

jlippo 12-17-09 03:00 AM

Re: PS3 mouse
Problem with all those is that they still do not work like normal mouse in PC games.
There are still all the limitations from gamepad, like maxium turn rate and so on.

Nar 02-22-11 12:35 AM

Re: PS3 mouse
You might want to check this one. It works on xbox 360 and ps3... check the forums on how to get it to work on ps3...


ViN86 02-22-11 11:27 AM

Re: PS3 mouse
What's the price point on those things? I have seen one before (can't remember the name) that sells for the 360 for over $200. Rumor has it a lot of the well known console gamers and console gamers in online cash prize tournaments use them. Pretty cheap if you ask me. :lol:

hapooh 02-22-11 02:29 PM

Re: PS3 mouse
Purchased this...

Works great. Closest thing you'll come to mouse on PS3. I owned the the frag'nstein which ws good, but company went out of business and couldn't get any updates firmwares.

crainger 02-23-11 01:47 PM

Re: PS3 mouse
LOL thread nekro. Anyway here is the new home of frag'nstein http://www.tuact.com/ Firmware updates still coming out. Last was 27-JAN-2011.

adinden01 04-29-11 07:28 AM

Re: PS3 mouse
Amazing PS3 mouse. I am very happy of this news. Thanks for this shearing.

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