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Sazar 12-19-09 09:57 AM

Google Chrome - With Extensions
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The other thread needs you to dig around before you can actually find the information about extensions, which should now be enabled by default.

The performance, for comparisons sake, is about the same as default and still miles faster than Firefox.

Here is my current setup.

Current extensions I have running are:

Adthwart - like Ad-block but currently seems more mature than Ad-block on Chrome

OneNumber - allows me to check Gmail, Google Wave, Google Reader and, when I get it, Google voice. Love having just ONE icon instead of multiple ones :D

ForecastFox - Weather. Mouse over gives a little more detail, click shows entire forecast and radar while never navigating away from the screen. Seems a far better interface than on Firefox. The temperature updates much faster than my desk-top rainmeter application, hence the difference in temps :D

Smoothscroll - Chrome was not as herky/jerky as FF, but still needed a little help. Smoothscroll with my free-spin mouse is a fantastic little extension :D

Speeddial - Pictured. Fantastic app as it extends my home-page and now I can have a lot more sites listed as well as allowing a custom backgroun (I went with a snowy scene)

six_storm 12-19-09 11:26 AM

Re: Google Chrome - With Extensions
Nice list! I'm adding some extensions on my netbook right now.

Sazar 12-19-09 11:36 AM

Re: Google Chrome - With Extensions
Yah, feel free to share if y'all find any extensions that are worth it :)

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