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konsti 09-02-02 05:33 AM

funny problem with 2960 and GF4
Hi there!

I have a Problem using my GeForce4 in dual-head Setup.

I have an Debian~3.0 with X-4.2.0 an Kernel 2.4.19-rc2 or 2.4.20-pre5 (both same error).
Mainboard is an Soyo Dragon with KT333 Chipset

I use both Monitor outputs with CRTs in TwinView Setup.

Every time I power on the PC and start X the screens goes black after 4 to 7 minutes (stopped not exactly the time, but it seems to be worth it), not earlyer, not later. After pressing the reset button, startin X again, X runs more than hours!

Does anybody else have such a problem? Even to know that would help not going crazy!!!!

:eek: :confused:

bammbamm808 09-03-02 12:45 AM

More fun for you with XF4.2 & the 2960s:
After starting X, either open a console w/ctrl-alt-F1-6, or simply quit X by ctrl-alt-backspace, or any other method. You computer will still be fully functional, but you will have absolutely no display on either monitor. You can, by typing blind, do startx, halt, reboot, whatever you want-- you just cant have any display. I'm just using one 19" CRT until Nvidia irons this out. :-(

konsti 09-03-02 01:16 AM

on my PC I can switch to console, see and type text and commands and switch back to X :p
So, lets hope for the best and they release new driver version which fixes that **** around miday :-)

bammbamm808 09-03-02 07:08 AM

I think I like your bug better than mine!
Well, the "black console upon X exit" thing is a known bug, anyway, and it afflicts my system.

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