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Timelord 01-05-10 05:47 AM

Power Mizer settings

I'm running GTS250 with 190.53 on Ubuntu 9.10. I'm trying to change the power Mizer settings to balanced (2). From the release notes I should be able to do this via nvidia-settings, but there are no options on the Power Mizer tab. I have tried setting :

Option "RegistryDwords" "PowerMizerEnable=0x1; PerfLevelSrc=0x3333; PowerMizerLevel=0x2; PowerMizerDefault=0x2; PowerMizerDefaultAC=0x2"

in xorg.conf, but that doesn't seem to work.

I can manually change the fan speed and the clocks, but I would like the card to run slower when not in use (most of the time).

Any ideas?

Gillian00 01-05-10 06:59 AM

Re: Power Mizer settings
these options don't work anymore with new drivers.
Default options :"adaptative" in nvidia-settings are quite good for keeping your video card cool.

You say you can manually change the fan speed and the clocks, how do you do that ?

hayj 01-05-10 11:32 AM

Re: Power Mizer settings
I believe you can pass options to the module on boot. There's a problem with my 9650m gt and drivers above 185 that requires powermizer to run above the minimum setting.

In "/etc/modprobe.conf.local" I have this line:

options nvidia NVreg_RegistryDwords="PerfLevelSrc=0x2222"

You can adjust it to the appropriate powermizer setting your after.

Timelord 01-06-10 03:50 AM

Re: Power Mizer settings

if you put:

Option "coolbits" "1"
in the device section of xorg.conf then you can alter the fan and clock using nvidia-settings.


Thanks for the reply. The problem is nvidia-settings shows the Power Mizer setting but doesn't let me change it.

Gillian00 01-06-10 07:35 AM

Re: Power Mizer settings
Ok,I know well this option.
I thought there was a way to change the fan speed directly with nvidia-settings but it's just a consequence of underclocking the freq. Am I right ?

Timelord 01-06-10 08:28 AM

Re: Power Mizer settings

You can change the fan speed in nvidia-settings but not below 35%. You need:

Option "coolbits" "5"

When "4" (Bit 2) is set in the "Coolbits" option value, the nvidia-settings Thermal Monitor page will allow configuration of GPU fan speed, on graphics boards with programmable fan capability.

so clock and fan is 5!

Then it will work. see:


I just can't enable the Power Mizer bit. What does your nvidia-settings for the power mizer tab look like?


Gillian00 01-06-10 08:47 AM

Re: Power Mizer settings
When i set
Option "coolbits" "5"
I can just modify the clocks

Option "coolbits" "4" => no "clock frequencies" tab appears.

Maybe because I have a mobile card ?

here is my powermizer tab:


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