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wollyka 01-09-10 03:58 PM

Strange problem with GTX280+evga x58
I have a strange problem with my pc..
When i turn the power on, (cold boot) the pc boots as normal and windows 7 laods.. but if i start any 3d or video or anything that stress the system, i get a colored screen (sometimes all pink, other times blue, sometimes i get the rainbow colors!!!).
I have to shut down the pc, turn off the PSU switch, then turn the pc on again.. Most of the time this fix the problem (if not i have to turn it off at least one more time).. I can run anything just fine for hours (Folding, games , benchmarks etc..)

If i turn the pc off for some time ( more than 5 minutes), then i have to do the cycle all over again..
I tested the memory and it is fine.. i even changed my PSU and still the same problem. could it be the mobo or is it the GPU? if it is the GPU shouldn't it crash every time?
Any feedback is appreciated

edit: i get smth similar to that
edit: i run memtestG80 to test the GPU and it reported no errors!

CrimsonLoneWolf 04-04-10 12:41 PM

Re: Strange problem with GTX280+evga x58
Weird, i started having the exact symptoms recently, after installing Borderlands on my Windows 7 64-bit system, with an Asus GF 280 Gtx Top.. Sometimes i can start the game, and poof, i get that exact same screen, with sounds still playing a little, and nothing else to do than cut the power to the computer to reset. On some days, i can start the game and play for hours, other days i cant get into the game at all. Only happens in Steam games atm..

Some new Windows 7 update we installed that caused this? What the heck is going on :/

Goran 04-04-10 04:08 PM

Re: Strange problem with GTX280+evga x58
I have had the same issue once. It took me a long time to figure out the problem. I tried everything. It turned out to be the PSU and after replacing it with a new one it never came back. It has nothing to do with how big the PSU is, but more like if some of the 12v rails broke after a while in use!

Hordsak 04-30-10 12:18 AM

Re: Strange problem with GTX280+evga x58
I had the exact same problem, and it would "lessen in frequency" when I severely underclocked it, and cranked the fan up, but eventually it would always do it. I had to RMA it for another one, and the new one is now starting to act up. I'm running a Corsair 750watt PS, and that should be more than sufficient. I seriously think there is a quality problem with all 280 gtx's, they're simply pushed to far to the limits imho.

wollyka 04-30-10 07:25 AM

Re: Strange problem with GTX280+evga x58
yeah, i rma the card, the replacement card was having the old 280 heating problem when it will reach 105C in any 3d application and shut down, i had to RMA it also!

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