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litri 01-13-10 06:49 AM

GTX295 anywhere?
Hi folks,

Since Fermi is getting near i was thinking it might be the right moment to get a gtx295 at a fairly cheap price but anywhere i check there's no stock at all and the ones available are way more expensive than i remember them to be.

Is there any kind of shortage for this boards?

Cheers dudes!

Revs 01-13-10 07:40 AM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
Found one for you at Scan in the UK, but because of the ridiculously short supplies the prices are high...


I don't know what's going on with the GPU market ATM. You'd think, with ATI struggling to keep up with demand of it's new chips, NVidia would take this opportunity to shift a few units, but no. There's almost no stock of any high-end cards anywhere.

EDIT: Saying that, there seems to be stock of 285's in a few places now.


Burnt_Ram 01-16-10 08:34 AM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
found a few in Canada.


JasonPC 01-16-10 10:49 AM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
The only way you're going to get a decent price on one is to buy one used from someone upgrading to Fermi... which they may wait to upgrade to a dual GPU version of it. The way prices are for the 295 right now you're probably going to spend as much as Fermi.

onmikesline 01-17-10 01:33 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
why spend on a 295, the 5870 is the same speed in games. i just replaced my 295 for one, i dont look back at all

wysiwyg 01-17-10 02:22 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
im very happy with my 295

methimpikehoses 01-17-10 03:05 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
Agree, I've had my 295 for a year and it's been great.

trivium nate 01-17-10 05:05 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
onmikesline in this thread is looking to sell his 295 hit him up bro!


check the last page

GitDat 01-20-10 01:04 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
I just threw mine up on eBay as well. Quad-SLI is not supported on 3D Vision and I'm tired of waiting :thumbdwn:

onmikesline 01-20-10 03:53 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?
yeah i tried to sell him mine but i end up ebaying it for $450, as soon as i got the paypal i ordered the 5870 overnight shipping lol, then i shipped out the 295 the next day, works everytime lol, ill wait a year for the gtx395 to come along to order one, i always change my videocard every year or so. to tell you the truth, ati is kicking ass right now. but i still love nvidia and will buy the new one

onmikesline 01-20-10 03:54 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?

Originally Posted by GitDat (Post 2169334)
I just threw mine up on eBay as well. Quad-SLI is not supported on 3D Vision and I'm tired of waiting :thumbdwn:

whats the link?

GitDat 01-20-10 04:05 PM

Re: GTX295 anywhere?

Originally Posted by onmikesline (Post 2169466)
whats the link?


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