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sytaylor 01-23-10 07:19 AM

Where / How to buy Win 7 (UK)
Gents (and DicipleDoc),

I need your Geek Fu... It's been a while since I lived without an MSDN licence. I forgot how to do it.

I'm gonna upgrade to Windows 7. Its very rare I reinstall an OS & what's more I have a Mac OSX partition I'm frankly quite scared of.

My questions:
  • Where is the best place to pick up an all signing all dancing copy that won't break the wallet?
  • I'm a vista 64 bit user, I assume Win 7 is 64 bit native?
  • Does this mean I'll need to download Win 7 Drivers for everything prior to install?

XDanger 01-30-10 04:23 AM

Re: Where / How to buy Win 7 (UK)
full retail- amazon 89.22

oem- ebuyer 75.35

upgrade- tesco 64.47

If you dont reinstall a lot or upgrade motherboards oem should be ok

HP is fine for everything no need for ultimate imo so thats why Ive just searched HP

7 is same as vista ,oem you choose x86/x64 and retail you get both and choose which to install

Vista drivers are same as 7 drivers

Why didnt you get the pre-order?

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