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Nyghtwing 01-27-10 10:20 AM

Question about sli
Ive currently got the EVGA gtx 260 Super Clocked Edition. I want to do sli and be able to use my current video card. The bad thing is you cannot get that card anymore. Can i use another gtx 260 card not superclocked and still use SLI. Also my card is not core 216 in which almost all the gtx 260 cards are not. Will this also prevent me from doing SLI. Thanks alot for the help.

Dr.Nick 02-01-10 07:14 PM

Re: Question about sli
Should work fine:)

shilk 02-01-10 10:41 PM

Re: Question about sli
If you get a standard GTX 260, it will use the clocks of the slower card. Meaning, if you SLi, it will always downclock the faster card to the slower version. :)

hemmy 02-02-10 07:21 PM

Re: Question about sli
I am running SLI 260s, one is 192 core, @ 666mhz, other is 216 core @ 576 mhz, and they run at their own clock, they don't downclock to match.

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