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wulfskin 02-01-10 02:56 PM

Display failures after running x server some time on Geforce 8300
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Hi all,

I'm running Mythbuntu 9.10 with the newest beta drivers 195.30 with XFce. For the first few minutes my applications and videos are working quite well. However, after a certain amount of time (about 10 minutes or so) I'm getting very short-time (less 1 s) display failures on the screen (see pictures below). These display failures are not only shown within videos but also when I just have the normal desktop without any windows running.
After these failures come for the first time, I see them more frequently (5 seconds or so). They'll stay after I restart the computer.

At first I thought there might be a thermal problem, but the GPU stays below 50 degrees. Also, as I'm running an AM2 cpu, I tried to set the minimum frequency to 1800Mhz. I also tried with the options Composite, TrippleBuffer and VSync but couldn't find any help. I also tried the current non-beta driver 190.53 and the packaged 185 driver but I also had no success.

I'm quite new to linux so I would really appreciate you giving me a hand. Thank you in advance!


wulfskin 07-28-10 01:03 PM

Re: Display failures after running x server some time on Geforce 8300
Hi all,

after months I finally found the solution: The picture on the HDMI output was not scaled correctly and the TV screen (SAMSUNG) was not in PC mode.

I've found out, that the problem also occured on Windows and only on the HDMI output. So I searched all the forums out there and finally found out that the scaling was not set correctly. Unfortunately I cannot tell the correct name of the parameter because I already changed the graphic card due to a wrong assumption.

Moreover to address the problem the Samsung TV has to be configured to PC mode by naming the input slot PC.

If you ever have problems on the HDMI output like this, check the scaling of the monitor.

Sorry to bother you here.

Best regards,

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