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kib 02-03-10 07:15 AM

CUDA for FreeBSD
The latest date where I can find this issue was raised seems to be a year ago.

Are there any plans to make CUDA SDK available for FreeBSD ?
It seems that driver issues are solved, am I right ?

cervo 02-05-10 12:36 PM

Re: CUDA for FreeBSD
I would also like to use CUDA for FreeBSD.

zander 02-06-10 10:50 AM

Re: CUDA for FreeBSD
There are currently no plans to port CUDA to FreeBSD.

cervo 02-08-10 12:32 PM

Re: CUDA for FreeBSD
Zander, thank you for your reply.

cervo 02-08-10 12:49 PM

Re: CUDA for FreeBSD
I found interesting information.


iggdawg 03-11-10 01:32 PM

Re: CUDA for FreeBSD
For what it's worth I'd be very interested in CUDA on FreeBSD. I'm a strong believer in FreeBSD as a fast and rock solid OS, and the kind of OS that can reap benefits from being used as a computing platform. Even just to donate my spare GPU idle time for Folding@Home is something I would love to be able to do. So here's my support, for what it's worth.

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