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wysiwyg 02-08-10 06:43 AM

GTX 295 getting very hot
im damn sure its not ran this hot before, but within half hour of playing ME3 and STALKER COP my card gets to 100 - 107 degrees with the fan running at full speed (on auto)

i vacuumed it last night there was hardly any dust so didnt make any difference

W T F ?

Edit: my ambient internal case temp is 32-35 degrees

methimpikehoses 02-08-10 10:43 AM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
Might try re-seating it, maybe reinstall drivers...

wysiwyg 02-08-10 10:59 AM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
hmm re-did the drivers for the recent beta's 196.34, and took the card out last night for a clean last night, no change

methimpikehoses 02-08-10 11:04 AM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
Not sure... try some other games and see if it is also getting warmer than usual. STALKER is one of the more demanding games out there, especially with all the eye candy maxed out, might just be working the card hard.

Revs 02-08-10 11:27 AM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
Still, that's DAMN hot! :scarey: I can't believe it's not crashing :lol:

NVidia do tend to blather the GPU's with paste so a clean and some new paste should help a bit. Are both cores reporting similar temps?

Also, when you say you vacuumed it out, did you have a look past the fan to see if it got it all out. With mine I can vac all day but I can't get the bit's blocking the fins out. I had to strip the cooler off (which is a fiddly job) and clean it properly and I saw a good 15*C temp drop. Just be careful not to damage or lose the thermal pads from the memory chips. AS5 worked fine for me on the GPU.

wysiwyg 02-08-10 12:58 PM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
both cores report different temps, idle they are=

GPU1- 53
GPU2- 49


GPU1- 100-107
GPU2- 90-100

Revs 02-08-10 01:01 PM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
Yeah there must still be some crap in the cooler. The temps don't look that different, but are both very high. I assume you have plenty of air flow through the case..

wysiwyg 02-08-10 01:08 PM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
my i7 temp on idel atm is 25 degrees

case temp is 30-35 and has lots of fans

Revs 02-08-10 01:17 PM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
What are you using to check the temps? Does the air coming out of the back of the card feel so hot?

wysiwyg 02-08-10 01:22 PM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
using evga precision that displays the temps on my logitech G13

the air atm on idle feels slightly warm

i have ordered some Arctic Cooling MX-3 and will try that on the weekend, but am nervous about my twin PCB card with the sli ribbon in the middle have heard its fiddly, i have changed the paste a 8800gt before

Revs 02-08-10 01:34 PM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
I would try checking the temps with another bit of software. I use RealTemp 3.4 for CPU & GPU. Sounds like it's not actually hot if the air doesn't feel that warm. At 100*C I'd expect it to be damn warm. Does if feel like there's a good blast of air coming out?

wysiwyg 02-08-10 01:55 PM

Re: GTX 295 getting very hot
well, its 100+ when at load

just reinstalling drivers etc now from scratch after a driver sweep to see if its the drivers

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