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tastyweat 07-06-03 04:33 PM

Which games??? with reference to reviewing and benchmarking
Hey guys - i am getting fed up with the drole benchmarks that online reviewers are constantly using nowadays.

Yes - 3dmark 2003 - yes - UT2003

But why still bother with quake 3 and 3d mark 2001se etc... anymore???

I want to make my reviews different from other reviews - to do with games that alot of varied people will enjoy playing. I am thinking along the line of the odd benchmark in Vice City, CnC Generals, maybe even BF1942.

What do you guys think of this???

Do you have any other opinions about games that i could use?

Cheers for your input - i will certainly consider any sensible suggestions.

digitalwanderer 07-06-03 04:41 PM

You have some good choices there, I'm thinking that Chaser would be a good one using Fraps as it's pretty graphic intensive and odd-ball enough to be fair. :)

tastyweat 07-06-03 04:48 PM

Yeah - i was thinking about chaser - i just doesn't seem to be very popular with people who have played it - and so it isn't spreading hugely - i would like some games that are relatively popular - but new-ish.

ty for suggestion - i may end up including it

b00bie 07-06-03 05:07 PM

I wouldn't mind seeing somethin like RavenShield, Colin McRae Rally 3 or RalliSport Challenge :D

max AA/AF with low and high resolutions would be nice ;)

Smokey 07-07-03 08:33 PM

RavenShield would be good, but I think that the CPU is the limiting factor there, although I still would be interested in max details inclu shadows at higher res 1280 and above with FSAA + Anio as boobie said ;)

Also I would like to see some ss of RVS at high res with FSAA.

tastyweat 07-08-03 04:35 AM

OK then - raven shield is an addition to my list - i will just need to apply for a copy from Ubi Soft now - that shouldn't take too long :)

cheers guys

any other ideas?

phye2002 07-09-03 03:21 PM

possible game's for benchmarks
No One Lives Forever 2. It's a newer engine, and from what I understand, it has only a small nich in the gaming market. I play it, and it's wicked fun. Also try Will Rock...I'm not sure if it's out yet...i've played the demo, and it's pretty graphical. Just my $.02.

tastyweat 07-09-03 03:28 PM

I was considering NOLF2 - i'll think some more about that one.

Will rock is a no-go for graphics cards testing - as it is cpu limited.

but thanks neway

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