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cricket 09-02-02 07:21 PM

Iron storm Demo
anyone tried the "IRON STORM DEMO" available at www.3dgamers.com released on 9-2-02 ? im downloading now. its a game type similiar to MOHAA with other features also....could be a goodie.

PCarr78 09-02-02 07:27 PM

omg what a coincidence.

I got an Old (sept 2001) PCgamer and they had a preview of it.

It's an AU (alternate universe, for those who dont read fanfic) game, where WWI was never concluded, it was kept going by some big corporations or something.

Story seemed pretty strange. There are supposedly lots of npc interactions, seems interesting

fasedww 09-04-02 09:36 PM

how to unzip it?
I have downloaded it and I unzip it to a folder I created but how do you get it to install it to the computer. like program files etc. I tried hitting the iron storm demo exe. in the zip and it says preformed some stupid illegal opertion or something. I have downloaded it about three times , does it every time. I have the cable Ultralink so it only takes a few minitues to download this 144meg demo.:(

JohnsonLKD 09-05-02 09:19 AM

This sucked badddd mmmmmm'kay?

I thought is was tombraider for a while...

cricket 09-05-02 04:02 PM

i just unzipped it....opened up folder /clicked on iron storm exe...and it ran(after selecting screen size/resoulution)...it is not as good of a game as it looked though. if you cant get it working you wont be missing much.

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