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digitalwanderer 07-07-03 07:00 PM

Hey, how'd Muya know my name is Hayden?
On yer front page you have one of them great EB plugs, but I have a question....


The folks or rather Layden over at Elitebastards, gets all nostalgic with a flashback that invloves a Commodore 64. Hayden reminisces about the Commodore 64, its rise and fall but in the end give ya all the low down on how to get a Commodore emulator up and running. Head on over to Elitebastards for some nostalgia.
I believe Hayden was waxing on about his VIC-20 and how much he resented the C64....Layden was the one who was in love with his C64. (I always did resent them rich kids and their hoity-toity 64s.....but how did you know my name was Hayden? ;) )

MUYA 07-08-03 02:05 AM

Whoopsie.....late night work...half closed eyes.....sleep depravation :p

Its fixed now :)


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