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Tanatz 09-02-02 08:58 PM

New to Linux, needing help
I installed Mandrake 8.2 about a week ago, and haven't quite been able to download the proper drivers yet.

Intel® Desktop Board D845WN, Pentium 4, GeForce2 ti, 64meg.

Anyone able to lend a hand with some simple, easy to understand instructions?

Supposedly I can't do this via shell, I need to set it to boot differently through 'vi inittab'?

Anyone input would be a step up at this point, thanks ;)

Tanatz 09-02-02 09:01 PM

Oh, and, since I'm feeling especially needy, if anyone with some knowledge of this type of stuff point in the right direction getting other drivers for my board? Thanks again.

Tanatz 09-02-02 09:17 PM

and for my own personal knowledge, how do I get NVchooser.sh to work?

Aravi Nemiji 09-03-02 01:22 AM

You have to make sure it is marked as executable

$ chmod +x NVchooser.sh

or you can just invoke sh directly to execute it

$ sh NVchooser.sh

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