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kipper 07-29-02 01:40 PM

GF4 Ti4200 - how center tv out image?
Hi there. I have configured TV-Out using the nvidia driver with twinview enabled and using the clone option. However, my image on the TV screen is off center. i.e. the image is shifted so part of it is cut off. How can I center the image on my TV screen?
I've done this under windoze but want to delete that partition and strictly use Linux.
I am running Gentoo Linux with the XFree86 4.20 and my video card is the LeadTek Ti4200 with ViVO.

Thanks for you help.


Thunderbird 07-29-02 01:43 PM

It is not possible using an nvidia driver option.
There's one tool for linux that can do these things you want, but that tool uses its own tvout implementation. (nview/twinview won't work that great with it I think)

Check this tool out: http://www.sf.net/projects/nv-tv-out

thebunny 08-01-02 11:56 PM

How about xvidtune?? I use that all the time on regular monitors..

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