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Voltaire 07-12-03 11:07 AM

MSI Geforce4 Ti4600 or FX5800?
Are they pretty hand-in-hand or what? I don't think I've seen any benchmarking comparisons between the two, so I'm confused on which is better.

The FX is like 65 dollars more than the Ti, but do you pay the extra 65 dollars for better performance or just DX9 support?

I guess what I'm asking is what would you guys choose. An MSI Geforce 4 Ti4600-8x or an MSI Geforce FX5800?

Kev1 07-12-03 11:13 AM

I think in this case....
The MSI GFFX 5800 would be better, simply because it is both faster (From what I've read) than the Ti4600, and also has DirectX 9 support for future games.

A MSI GFFX 5900 would be another idea, but it is near $150 bucks more at the moment so might be too expensive.

Voltaire 07-12-03 06:20 PM

Well at www.AccuPC.com the Ti4600 is $205, the FX5800(non-ultra) is $295, and the 5900(non-ultra) is $392. So is the performance difference between the 5800 and the 5900 seem like it should be a $100 dollar difference or more like a $20 difference?

jAkUp 07-12-03 06:21 PM

without a doubt the 5800

bkswaney 07-12-03 06:26 PM

5800. :)

ragejg 07-12-03 06:46 PM


:rolleyes: WHOA! We're RECOMMENDING 5800? ...finally! i knew it would happen someday! :D:D

Voltaire 07-12-03 06:49 PM

Re: ...

Originally posted by ragejg

:rolleyes: WHOA! We're RECOMMENDING 5800? ...finally! i knew it would happen someday! :D:D

whats that mean? did i miss something.....?

B&R 07-12-03 07:18 PM

Even thou both suk i suggest FX5800. It is more future proof than 4600.

Kev1 07-12-03 09:02 PM

To answer your question Voltaire...
I am not sure if the difference in performance between a 5800 and 5900 is worth the $100 dollars. They benchmark fairly close and both have their +/-.


NV30 Core
Has DDR2 Memory (Faster) +
Has 128 bit bus (Slower) -


NV35 Core
Has DDR Memory (Slower) -
Has 256 bit bus (Faster) +

Overall the 5900 is quicker, but not sure if its $100 dollars quicker.
As with anything in computers, if you wait the price will come down. If you want to buy now and are on a budget, the 5800 would be good reasonable choice. If money is no object, then the 5900.

Hope this helps a little. Ultimately its your decision. Hopefully others will post their opinions on your choices. Whatever you do decide, enjoy your new video card :thumbsup:

ragejg 07-12-03 09:06 PM

Re: Re: ...

Originally posted by Voltaire
whats that mean? did i miss something.....?
Haven't you been around since January or so? Sorry, I think it's just the first time I've EVER seen FOUR POSTS IN A ROW recommending the 5800... no mention of R3XX, no fanboi jabs, no heat complaints, no AA/AF complaints...

I dunno, it makes me feel a little better about the card.


ragejg 07-12-03 09:08 PM


Originally posted by B&R
Even thou both suk
c'mon, man. if both "suk", then gamers wouldn't use em! ;)

Kev1 07-12-03 09:09 PM

Ragejg just mean't that the GFFX 5800 got a lot of flack when it came out because of the fact it has a 128 bit bus (While the Radeon 9700 had 256 bit bus), and also because on the 5800 Ultra the GPU cooling fan was basically a leaf blower that was very loud :rolleyes: Most standard 5800's don't have this loud fan. However, some do so keep an eye out for big plastic freaky looking fan that blocks your first PCI slot next to your agp slot on the motherboard.

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