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godxzilla 09-03-02 07:48 AM

Nvidia 2960 OpenGL too dark?
my Unreal Tournament looks unusual. when I am in a well lit room, or outside, it looks PERFECT, but as soon as I go into a room that is a little bit dark, its almost impossible to see. it is EXTREMELY dark.


redhat 7.3
nvidia quadro 4 900xgl
nvidia 2960 drivers
p4 2.4 / 512

ive been reading these forums and i will try the xgamma controls when I get home.

is there any display control panel for the nvidia card?



bammbamm808 09-06-02 01:13 AM

Some ideas
Try researching the console commands for UT. I don't know them. I'm more familiar with tweaking Quake-engine games. Another opion, and one which I use is to adjust the gamma for X:

xgamma gamma (n)

I use 1.35. Use what works for you.

godxzilla 09-08-02 09:27 PM

ok thank you - one other thing
ok, the xgamma is working for me, but I want to know if there is a way to change the xgamma when I load the game, and have it go back to default when I quit. maybe a script or something? id appreciate help on that if you know.



bammbamm808 09-08-02 09:55 PM

Yes write a script
It could change the gamma, launch the game, then change the gamma back after you quit the game. Not sure how to get the shell to check for running processes, but it can't be very difficult.

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