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i_yalovoy 09-03-02 11:46 AM

video and games
It is recomended to use DRI/DRM driver to view video and play games. But DRI not support nvidia! What driver should I use to achieve best performance in games and video.
For video I use mplayer.
Please help!

Thunderbird 09-03-02 02:03 PM

DRI/DRM + Mesa is used on non-nvidia cards to get hw accelerated OpenGL. To get hw accelerated OpenGL on nvidia hardware install nvidia's closed source drivers availible from nvidia's website. They also contain accelerated Xv support needed for fast video playback. (make sure you use an Xv plugin in your movie player then too)

saturnotaku 09-03-02 02:56 PM

For OpenGL on NVIDIA cards, go here

NVIDIA's Linux support is some of the best in the business, especially with respect to OpenGL.

utiel 09-03-02 09:24 PM

I Like Nvidia drivers
But they aren't simply to use or configure.

I have played to Descent and Quake III, in my system.

Pentium II-350, 512 MB ram, TNT2 M64, SBlive!

Quake and Descent, or TuxRacer works, but I don't think more than 25 fps, but is played decently

Mplayer works well, with "xv" driver, not "x11" or "SDL"
in 640x480 run at 60% of CPU ( with ffmpeg libs )
I can play mp3, run mplayer and chat (irc)

I compile my own kernel
With this options
Pentium II
MTRR ( Memory Type Range Register, Mplayer use it )

but this NO
Dri, or AGP

I use Nvidia's internal AGP
I have read Nvidia's Readme ;))

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