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Roliath 02-20-10 10:12 PM

Just bought a PS3
Just got my PS3 this morning, slim 160gb with dante's inferno and uncharted 2.
I got to about level 4 on dante's inferno, before realizing I should have rented it.

Good game, but definitely not a keeper imo.

Uncharted 2, well this game is freaking amazing.

I can't' remember how long its been that a game has captivated me for this long in one sitting.

Now I need some game recommendations, I would like an RPG game you know something I can sink hours into. I'm thinking something along the lines of FO3 (since its PC counterpart plays like **** on my system (constant hiccups) or maybe something else?

Add me if you'd like. roliath85

Yaboze 02-20-10 11:11 PM

Re: Just bought a PS3
FO3 runs great on PC's with the 186.18's.

There's a new Final Fantasy coming out that is supposed to be good, but that is a JRPG and not like Fallout, which is partially a shooter.

Marvel_us 02-20-10 11:37 PM

Re: Just bought a PS3
Congrats on the purchase. Demon's Soul is a really good RPG for PS3, you might want to give that one a try.

Feel free to add me as well if you're into any MP.

marqmajere 02-21-10 12:11 AM

Re: Just bought a PS3
Demon's Souls.


HiCZoK4 02-21-10 03:32 AM

Re: Just bought a PS3
I played inforno on my friend 360. Damn. I even revoked my old live account on his rrod box and started the game. after 3 hours I was soooo bored

GIGARAM 02-21-10 05:43 AM

Re: Just bought a PS3
some of the games i would recomend for your ps3 are and not in order of preference

1) metal gear solid the whole game plays out like a film one of the best game imo

2) killzone 2 good multiplayer

3) resistance 2 good co-op and competative online

4) tom clancy's hawx

5) brutal legend very funny game

6) pain awesome and funny

7) flower i got this for my daughter but could not stop playing it cool game (its on the playstation store

8) little big planet

9) mag just got the collectors edition its awesome the best fps on ps3 imo online only

10) battlefield bad company good funny single player and awesome online

11) battlefield 1943 online only

12 crash commando cool game

13) burnout paradice one of the best race games on ps3 the online play is awesome i met some good friends online with that game

14) batman archam asylum

15) darsiders

Blackcat 02-23-10 02:05 PM

Re: Just bought a PS3
haven't seen InFamous mentioned...one of the best games on the PS3 IMO.

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