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News 02-25-10 12:40 AM

ATI Radeon HD 5830 Review: Filling The Gap
Here we are, barely two weeks removed from the launch of the ATI Radeon HD 5570, and we find ourselves in the now familiar position of announcing yet another Radeon HD 5000 series card. With the breakneck pace (relatively speaking) of Radeon HD 5000 series releases over the past 5 or 6 months, it would be easy to dismiss today's launch of the Radeon HD 5830 as a move by AMD to simply use more marginal Cypress GPUs, thus increasing effective yields, while at the same time sticking it to NVIDIA yet again. But


ragejg 02-25-10 12:54 AM

Re: ATI Radeon HD 5830 Review: Filling The Gap
Do want. I'd really like to review one, and then put a Fermi mainstream against it what that shows up.

I'd think this would spank my single 4870 and 4850, no?

EDIT: Looks like it's just where it should be, between the 5770 and 5850, and it is seen as having performance just slightly superior to a GTX 275.

I don't like 128 bit memory interfaces. This is probably my next card....when the price is right, and I'm sure at one point it will be.

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