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ElNormo 07-15-03 03:46 PM

My sluggish 2D dilemma
Here's my delimma... I recently bought a shuttle case that has the nvidia chipset. I've tried configuring it every way possible, and read lots of great information on these forms (thanks nvnews team!)...

I'm not using the box for gaming, and I haven't gotten 2D acceleration to work at an acceptable level. Window dragging, scrolling, switching windows, etc, all seems sluggish. The box is plenty powerful (2GHz Athlon, 1G RAM)

What should I do? Is there a better video card that I can get? I can justify spending the money if I know it'll work better. Will the next driver release offer any improvements? When will they come out?

I hate to ditch the onboard dual-video, but at this rate, I'm getting fed up with a sluggish system.

Thanks for any advice,


BenjyD 07-15-03 03:52 PM

For 2D graphics, pretty much any card should be easily good enough. The problem is with the NVidia drivers.

You can set render acceleration to on (it's off by default). Put

Option "RenderAccel" "True"

in the display device section of your xfree86config (next to the line saying driver "nvidia"). It's unstable on many systems, though, but it is faster. I found the 3123 drivers were faster than the 4xxx series, but they were unstable for me too.

ElNormo 07-15-03 03:54 PM

I tried RenderAccel, and yes, it crashed X in a matter of minutes.

I kind of figured it was the drivers. I tried to roll back to 3123 drivers, but I couldn't get it to take. I ended up putting 4xxx back on.


Andy Mecham 07-15-03 08:51 PM

Try switching window managers. Do you have the same problems with openbox or windowmaker?


ryanpg 07-15-03 10:04 PM

window managers
I switched to kde briefly while trying to track down the icon issue... It went away UNLESS I ran a gtk app. In that case buttons and other gui objects exhibited the same weird rendering errors.

Commenting out;

Option "RenderAccel" "TRUE"

Got rid of the effects, however 2d performance is still WAY inferior to the rage128 xfree card/driver.

As I said in my original post, screen corruption showed up after installing ximian desktop, but 2d suckage started right after I stuck the graphics card in an agp slot ;-), but 3d rocks and I think it's awesome that there's linux support and this forum, thanks nvidia andy et. al.


ElNormo 07-16-03 08:25 AM

I switched to twm for the moment. Graphics are a little better. I'll try some others throughout the day.


ElNormo 07-16-03 10:46 AM

I never could get the agpgart patch to apply correctly. Does this mean that my onboard video is crippled somehow? I am running kernel 2.4.20-18.9


vikool 07-16-03 12:34 PM

The agpgart patch works only against the stock 2.4.20 kernel, so your version is a modifed(redhat ??) version, and thats why it wont patch correctly. you video card has nothing to do with that.

About the sluggishness, maybe you could tweaking some bios settings.? On board video uses your system memory ( or shared memory as they call it), but u have more than enough memory. I'm not quite sure what the problem is.

RobSnow 07-16-03 01:09 PM

Viktool, I'm 90% sure that the sluggishness he is seeing isn't due to BIOS settings. It's the new 2D RenderAccel architecture NVIDIA is using in the 4xxx drivers. I've seen the same problem with it locking with it turned on and slowing the machine down greatly when off. There are quite a few threads about it and the fact that the fix is to turn RenderAccel on...which locks the X server for many and causes graphical artifacts and errors for others.

ElNormo 07-16-03 01:47 PM

Yes, when I turned on RenderAccel, X windows crashed after a few minutes. I didn't give it a second chance :).

Of course this would be complete speculation, but does nVidia plan to address this problem in the next driver release? Are there rumors floating around as to when this might be? Perhaps our friendly

Thanks again,


ryanpg 07-21-03 04:22 PM

lemme in on the secret

Disabled anything that could be considered "optimizing" and I'm still seeing corruption and glitches in 2d (mostly around gtk stuff it seems). I installed one app and when I scroll a text window the text "smears" for a second (like really a second) then corrects itself, also dragging windows makes these totally trippy trails, dooood.

Anyway, I don't really expect an answer but... it's been several months since the driver's been out, can we expect a new version soon?


Andy Mecham 07-22-03 02:39 PM

Yes, there should be a new driver fairly soon.


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