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Fotis 09-03-02 03:03 PM

Where are nforce2 mobos?
Well it's been about a 1.5 months since the nforce2 came out,so when are we going to see mobos hiting retail??:mad:

SurfMonkey 09-03-02 05:24 PM

I think nVidia are getting squeezed quite badly at the moment, with the CEOs bold statement that we would see an NV30 by fall and the TSMC woes, not to mention the investigate with extreme prejudice SEC hoohar.

I would guess at this moment in time they are concentrating on getting the NV18\NV28\NV30 line ready and maybe they have put the nForce2 on the back burner until such time as they are stable again.

Richthofen 09-03-02 07:16 PM

The CEO clrearly said that the chips are delivered to the manufacturers during August.
So i guess we will see mainboards at around late september/October.

Actually there is no need right now for a nForce2 until AMD starts to launch its FSB333 Athlon.

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