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Guilo19 03-09-10 12:32 PM

Corrupted icons with 195.xx in Azureus
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I don't know if the problem is NVIDIA related or Java/Azureus related but, as stated in the titles, the some icons are not shown correctly in azureus when using any 195.xx release. Please note on the attached picture, the icon on the left of the torrent name instead of the smiley. everything works great with 190.53 :


nylly 03-11-10 01:16 PM

Re: Corrupted icons with 195.xx in Azureus
Same here, 190.53 works fine, this starts with 195.xx.

I'm not even getting these though, the icons are completely missing here.
Not just the health icons but the status icons for NAT status and ratio as well.

Azureus version is, using openjdk 6.17
I've tried using different java and azureus versions but nothing works except downgrading the driver.

Im not getting any errors whatsoever related to this so a bug report can't be attached, it's purely a visual thing...

nylly 04-24-10 11:49 AM

Re: Corrupted icons with 195.xx in Azureus
Issue is fixed in current prerelease 195.36.24 :)

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