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logan 03-11-10 12:17 AM

Finally got to play
I've been strictly a Linux+wine gamer for the last 7 or so years and one game I was never able to get running was Crysis. I recently built a second machine for my main Linux desktop so I could use the old one for gaming on Windows, and Crysis was the second game I installed after GTA IV.

After hearing nothing but rave reviews for the last 3 years, I was extremely excited to play. Maybe it was the high expectations, playing several other big games with equivalent or better graphics since it's release, or starting to enjoy games that had a more too it than just blowing stuff up like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but I just didn't think the game was all that great... The graphics were nice, there were a few cool cut scenes, and the suit was fun, but I never thought the energy lasted long enough to make it all that useful. Cloak for a few seconds, wipe some guys out, hide behind a tree to recharge, and so on. I kept expecting some upgrade that would make the energy last longer, but that never happened. The only spot I thought was really interesting was the weightlessness in the ship and that didn't last me more than a few minutes. The first half of the game was extremely repetitive. Surrounded by a few dozen soldiers in the jungle, fight your way through, move to the next area, and do it all over again. I was also pretty shocked by the length of the game... I remember thinking to myself during the last fight on the flight deck that things were getting pretty rough, wondering if I was going to be able to make it through the rest of the game. Once I defeated the gigantic whatever, I ran down the deck of the carrier and jumped onto the ship, expecting we were going to fly into the dome and rescue what's his face, only to have the credits roll. I'm sure I sat there for about 30 seconds thinking it was a mistake or a bug, that there had to be more.

I think the main problem for me is that what story there was didn't pull me in.. Crash landing in the jungle, something about Koreans and aliens, now I'm fighting aliens, then I'm flying off into the sunset. It wasn't like FEAR, which had me hooked right from the start and kept me playing because I wanted to find out more about Alma and Fettel, trying to find out what the heck happened to Jankowski, and keeping an eye on my teammates. I had a great time with that from start to finish, not so much with Crysis.

I just started playing Warhead and it's more of the same. Running through the forest, surrounded by enemies, killing them all and moving on to the next area. I hear this is even shorter than Crysis. :/

Crysis 2 is coming soon and I imagine I won't wait quite as long to play that as I did the first one. Hopefully there's still some awe left over by the time I do.

Redeemed 03-11-10 12:56 AM

Re: Finally got to play
The story (and game) definitely isn't for everybody.

I think they put far more emphasis on the game's engine and graphics (to this day no other game looks nearly as "life-like" or "photo-realistic" as Crysis) than the plot.

However, this game and engine has proven that it'll last a long time and as such the sequel is sounding to have far greater depth- which will be welcome. Graphics, however, are likely to be very comparable to the first one- which is more than awesome by me. The big difference, however, is Crytek is stepping away from the jungle and moving more towards the city.

My favorite part of the game had to be while on the carrier- I felt that part was just *way* too short. :)

logan 03-11-10 09:16 AM

Re: Finally got to play

Originally Posted by Redeemed (Post 2205797)
The big difference, however, is Crytek is stepping away from the jungle and moving more towards the city.

I got that much from the screenshots, but I don't know anything else. I'm guessing we won't be surrounded by Korean military forces. :P


My favorite part of the game had to be while on the carrier- I felt that part was just *way* too short. :)
I thought two fights on the flight deck was too much, but the stuff inside the ship was alright... The conversations, miscellaneous battles, and the control rods.

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