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killahsin 03-16-10 12:23 PM

gtx 285 ocx gpu usage spikes
Ok so somthing odd has started hapening the past 3 days. Instead of gpu usage spiking upwards its spiking downwards. So any game for lets say around 5 seconds runs at 50+ frames, then all of the sudden gpu usage drops to 5-7% and the frames drop at the same exact time to 0 to 7 frames a second. I have forced fans max. Power mode to perf. driver cleaner'd sound and card drivers. reseated and moved the gtx to the other slot, moved the sound card etc. system is 4 gigs ram e8400 285gtx oc win 7 xfi fatality extreme.

oh and when i load up an older game like sid miers pirates! it doesnt do it. gpu usage stays stable.

killahsin 03-17-10 01:13 AM

Re: gtx 285 ocx gpu usage spikes
ok so i figured it out. 1 clip on my hsf broke and audiodg.exe was causing the cpu to spike in video and games haha at certain points causing the cpu to spike in temp so rapidly up and down. gg intel stock hsf's.

killahsin 03-17-10 09:25 PM

Re: gtx 285 ocx gpu usage spikes
yep yep replaced the cpu heat sink and fan, and low and behold poof works great again. So if audiodg is ever causing your cpu to 'stutter' and you cant figure it out. check your heat sink on your cpu for issues.

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