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Mutiny 07-16-03 10:03 PM

Nforce 3 64 bit Linux support?
I am seriously thinking of buying an Asus SK8N board for the 64bit support.

Are drivers available for Linux IA-64 yet?

I have been using Linux for years, but what IA-64 distro is easy to get?


connyosis 07-17-03 05:26 AM

Well if you'd get an AMD 64-bit processor, these can also run 32-bit code, so then I guess you can pick any distro you like. Its gonna be a while until people start writing 64-bit code though I guess, but if I'm not mistaken SuSE is working close to AMD...

erwos 07-17-03 12:42 PM

IA-64 refers to the Itanium's instruction set. What you meant to say was x86-64, which is for the Opteron and Athlon64.

Unreal Tournament 2003 has already been demonstrated to run on the Opteron with nVidia graphics chips, so drivers do exist at least for the video. Theoretically, at least the sound will also work under "64-bit" mode. Since the LAN driver is binary, it's a crapshoot if it'll work or not. It probably will, but if it doesn't, you're not going to be able to fix it.

A word of warning: the Athlon64 is going to change packaging (right now, it's the same number of pins as the Opteron) to have fewer pins in a few months after release, so I'd recommend waiting until AFTER that to buy up.

AFAIK, both SuSE and RedHat will have distros ready for general use with the release of the Athlon64. You could also try Gentoo if you're feeling brave.


connyosis 07-17-03 01:20 PM

Yes I know IA-64 is an Intel thing and not an AMD one. Since Athlon64 and Opteron will be 64-bit cpus with 32-bit compability wont that mean that drivers written for 32-bit architecture will work there too? I know it wont with Intel IA-64 since it's a 64-bit cpu only, but with AMDs it should, which means all distros today will work with these but not be optimized for them.

erwos 07-17-03 06:38 PM

The comments about IA-64 and x86-64 were to the thread starter.

As for your question, if you're running the OS in "64-bit" mode, you need 64-bit safe drivers. If you're running it in 32 bit mode, you're probably OK with things as is (although I would then question _WHY_ you're getting an Athlon64, as it's just an AthlonXP like that).

IIRC, there's also a hybrid mode that lets you use 32-bit apps properly, but I BELIEVE you still need 64-bit safe drivers to use it. At least ArsTechnica implies this in their article on x86-64 when they say that you need a 64-bit OS.


connyosis 07-18-03 04:23 AM

I see. Well thanks for clearing things up for me. And true, i dont see much point in getting an Athlon64 if you're gonna run it in 32-bit mode.
One question though, will you only be able to run it in 32-bit OR 64-bit mode? Can't you run it in 64-bit with 32-bit compability at the same time? I just wonder since in that case as I said before you should be able to run any linux distro on it, just without any 64-bit optimizations.

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