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rnejdl 03-27-10 10:16 PM

Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64
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I am running FreeBSD 8-0-Stable and am running the latest NVIDIA. Since I have moved to 64Bit FreeBSD and NVIDIA, I have had issues with VirtualBox freezing. However, I was able to downgrade my video card and run the NV driver today and found that I have no freeze issues with Virtualbox anymore. This has been across multiple versions of Virtualbox and from kernel sources compiled since the NVIDIA driver for 64bit FreeBSD was released.

I'm attaching a bug report with the NVIDIA kernel module loaded but I am currently running the NV driver. Please let me know what information you need from this. I believe that others have also posted of this issue. This is the last freeze issue I am seeing now with the 64bit NVIDIA driver for FreeBSD.

Rusty Nejdl

mlobo 03-29-10 08:08 AM

Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64
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Well Rusty, you had more "luck" than me. I've been a real enthusiast of VirtualBox but right now I'm really getting tired of all the struggle to use something that used to work, and now it doesn't no matter what I do.

I used to think (and hoped for) the cause of it was the Nvidia Beta driver but at this point, I'm sure it is not. I tried the nv X driver within 10 minutes, freeze. I tried my onboard Radeon HD 3300. Few minutes, freeze. I use to be able to use stably at least an XP vm, which I can no longer do. And I know for sure it is not any hardware problem, because EVERYTHING runs smoothly and fast, no matter what OS I use, except VB

I bought the machine I have now because of VB and it is a real drag to see that an open source virtualizer runs better and more stable in windows than on FreeBSD.

Can you believe that the attached picture was once possible in my machine?
Blame on me because I was stupid enough (or maybe just optimistic) not to save both FreeBSD and VB sources at that point, thinking that it could only get better.

Well, forgive me for using this forum for my grieves and disappointments.

Thanks for reading and best wishes

rnejdl 03-29-10 10:25 AM

Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64
Well, I definitely am completely stable using the NV driver. I too purchased what I have to use virtualbox much more fully. I have a suggestion on the freebsd-emulation list on how to possibly get a crash dump but it will probably have to be next weekend before I can do that because the freeze is rather painful, having me FSCK 4TB of storage.

Rusty Nejdl

mlobo 03-29-10 12:02 PM

Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64
Here is my gear:

MB: asrock AOD790GX/128M
CPU: Phenom II Black 955
8G RAM Kingston
Nvidia 9800 GT
3 500G sata Seagate Barracuda Drvs

Does your system have any of these? I am asking this because I have VB on my laptop, which has a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8700, 4G RAM and an Intel GM45 SVGA, and no problems with VB.

This is gearing me to think that VB has some kinda trouble with AMD Vtx or Phenom itself. If it is not a hardware problem, what else could freeze the machine?


rnejdl 03-29-10 12:29 PM

Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64
I'm running:

MB: ASUS P6TD Deluxe LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
CPU: Intel Core I7 920
Nvidia 9600 GT
2 Seagate 2TB HD's
1 Velociraptor 150GB

I had tried using a GT220 but that froze up on me until the latest ugprade. Also, this video card has no fan so since this PC is on all the time, it is much quieter that the GT220.

Rusty Nejdl

mlobo 03-30-10 01:37 PM

Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64

If you ever find a way to get a dump or to catch this freeze, please let me know! Not to be able to run VB anymore is killing me.


rnejdl 03-30-10 07:15 PM

Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64
I hear your pain and I will give it a good try this weekend to see what I can do.

Rusty Nejdl

Skalla 04-05-10 03:58 AM

Re: Freezes with VirtualBox running 195.36.15 on X86_64
Just a me too!
Runs fine for hours with the nv driver. With the blob 195.22 from ports it usually freezes within 20 minutes. But with the blob I have 3D accel in the client which really rocks. I saw a kernel panic backtrace _once_ which ended in the blob so I couldn't investigate further.

Some ASUS board with Phenom II 905e, 8GB DDR3-1333, onboard radeon hd3300 (unused), GeForce GT 8400 in PCIe slot. FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE/amd64.

Machine is rock solid besides this.

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