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ahzz 04-08-10 12:50 AM

how can I reduce the overscan
I've set over scan option to 0 already but it still over scans by 30+ pixels on all sides.
Using the latest stable nvidia drivers on Ubuntu 9.04 fresh install.
Unfortunately this makes the menus unusable and new windows tend to be placed where I can't see their title bar or menu.
Surely someone has a way to correct this, even if it's by artificially reducing the usable area of the desktop.

LoneTech 04-18-10 07:32 AM

Re: how can I reduce the overscan
There's an "Overscan Compensation" setting in nvidia-settings; I found it under GPU 0, CRT-0. Increasing that value causes the GPU to scale down the image to fit in a smaller region of the signal; since this leads to resolution loss, is also enables a sharpness filter when active. Value 0 there means using the whole mode, i.e. the largest possible image, and may be overscan for your display. I hope this helps.

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