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DamianJP 04-15-10 05:10 PM

Need new GFX card, have 300$/ need help
Hey guys

I had a EVGA 8800GTX and it came with a system that I bought from IBUYPOWER.COM (big mistake, will always build a rig now) Seems like EVGA didn't want to honor the warranty because of a "Shorter system builder warranty" because IBUYPOWER built it.

Pissed me off but thats for another day. My question is I have 300$ saved and want to know if I can get a card just as good or better, mabey because of the prices dropping from the economy.

Basiclly I was looking at a BFG Geforce 275 GTX (someone said BFG have better RMA's/warranties just incase).
I see they have stock ones and OC'ed and others and I'm pretty confused.
Can some point me in the right direction for 300$ or below?

DamianJP :jammin:

Johnny C 04-15-10 05:35 PM

Re: Need new GFX card, have 300$/ need help
AMD HD 5850 1gb is your best choice for $300 it's faster than a GTX 285, uses less power, and is a full DX11 card.

If you want lifetime warranty, you'll need to go with XFX as your manufacturer.

DamianJP 04-15-10 06:34 PM

Re: Need new GFX card, have 300$/ need help
Thanks Johnny C, you the man!

I had a Raedon 9600XT Vio back in day on my old system, that I hooked my pops up with. The thing is still going strong since 2004. I guess I jumped to Nvidia around that time when they passed ATI up. But I guess things came full circle and I was just reluctant to switch back to ATI/AMD.

Is this a good one ?

I have a ASUS striker extreme, can that MB use this card? Just a PCI-E right?

Thanks again,

Johnny C 04-16-10 04:32 PM

Re: Need new GFX card, have 300$/ need help
Running a single card the Radeon will perform great with either a 16X1.0 slot or 8X2.0 PCIE slot, with a 16XPCIE 2.0 slot being the best. If you were running dual cards, I'd make sure to have at least 2 8X2.0 slots, but a single card would run great on pretty much any PCIE motherboard.

Make sure that you have at least a 500W powersupply

Order that XFX one up, install, enjoy.

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