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thadjudkins 07-18-03 09:52 AM

nForce2 board under Morphix (debian)
Hey, I'm running an nForce2 board under Morphix which is a bootable debian distro. Problem is, networking won't work and this is my first forray into debian (I run RH/Suse). Are there any drivers that I'll be able to download/use with this since I'm assuming that it doesn't have the kernel headers installed (how do you check on debian?) and I can't install them without the network working?

If it comes to it I'll put in a different NIC but I'd really rather know if there's just a way to do this right.



bahamot 07-18-03 10:15 AM

if it have kernel source code then:
1. boot into win or other internet enabled linux
2. d/l nforce driver source code from www.nvidia.com
3. extract n compile it under morphix

ps: i'm not sure if it can work with morphix but it's worth to try.

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