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Maverickman 04-21-10 07:30 PM

GTX 480s at Zipzoomfly
Zipzoomfly has some GTX 480s available and at inflated prices! This is to be expected for a scarce card in such high demand. if you're willing to get gouged a little, head over and order one today. That's if they're still available by the time you're reading this!

brunner 04-21-10 08:30 PM

Re: GTX 480s at Zipzoomfly
I'd would have pull off the deal if I didn't have to pay that CA tax. I'm tired of playing the waiting game with Newegg but $80 is way too much of a markup if I'm paying tax as well.

Maverickman 04-21-10 10:23 PM

Re: GTX 480s at Zipzoomfly
If you really want to get gouged, head over to Ebay and buy a GTX 480 from one of the scumbag sellers there.

lee63 04-21-10 10:35 PM

Re: GTX 480s at Zipzoomfly
Sorry but ZZ for me again...they just gouge to much.

brunner 04-21-10 11:16 PM

Re: GTX 480s at Zipzoomfly
Lee, are you waiting for triple 480s?

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