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schmolch 04-26-10 04:11 AM

Superfast 6-Screen Compiz-Setup.
Hello there!

Im using xinerama setups since many years and i was under the impression that it is just a fact that xinerama-setups are horribly slow.

Until i saw this:

You can see a 6-screen setup with compiz and it works flawlessly and super-fast.
That guy is using a 3-way sli board and 3 identical nvidias but i still dont understand how compiz is working on this.

I currently use a onboard nvidia 6150 with a pci-e nvidia 7600 and frankly it sucks balls its that slow and annoying to work with.
So i guess i have to upgrade my board and gpus significantly if i want performance like this but i will not even think about it unless i know its gonna work as well as in that video.

drhirsch 04-26-10 04:43 AM

Re: Superfast 6-Screen Compiz-Setup.
Looks like he is using two matrox triplehead 2 go and twinview instead of xinerama. At least, thats how I would do it ;-) I don't think there is a way to have anything done fast with xinerama.

This way you don't need that much hardware resources.
I have a dual screen setup using twinview with an elderly geforce 8800GS and downclocked it to a third of the stock speeds, without noticable changes in 3D desktop effects speed. This would not have worked before 195.xx though, the speed of 3D effects were notably slower with the older drivers.

BTW, the guy in the video uses kde and not compiz.

JaXXoN 04-26-10 04:58 AM

Re: Superfast 6-Screen Compiz-Setup.
The video descriptions doesn't tell how he did that, but there are are number
of options to get Compiz working on more than two LCDs on nvidia hardware:

* Nvidia QuadroPlex with SLI Mosaic technology (up to 8 LCDs, 8192x8192).
Here, the GPUs are combined on driver level so that's you don't need
to use Xinerama. I didn't yet have seen any negative comments on
functionality, but those devices are pretty expensive (around $10.000).
Unfortunately, it isn't possible to apply SLI Mosaic to consumer cards.

* Xgl on top of Xinerama (no limits as far as I know)
Xgl is an X-Server that works on top of another X-Server. Xgl only
uses OpenGL as rendering back-end. This makes it very fast and
flexible. Unfortunately, Xgl is deprecated and not maintained any
more since 2008. Getting Xgl working with recent distros doesn't
seem to be an easy task. I think Xephyr with 3D support should make
a replacement for Xgl, but my understanding is that the 3D support is
still experimental. (never tried this myself).

* Splitting video outputs with Matrox TripleHead2Go (6 LCDs, 5040x2100)
Matrox offers a video splitter that i.e. takes a single 5040x1050 DVI signal
and splits it into 3x 1680x1050. With two of those boxes attached to the
two outputs of a single GPU video card, you can get up to 5040x2100
(2x 3x 1680x1050). I didn't noticed any problems with such a setup, but
the TH2Gs are fairly expensive (about $300 per box).

More details can be found, here:



schmolch 04-26-10 05:17 AM

Re: Superfast 6-Screen Compiz-Setup.
He posted a howto on the ubuntuforums.


JaXXoN 04-26-10 05:23 AM

Re: Superfast 6-Screen Compiz-Setup.
So it's based on Xgl ...


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