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Rzadzins 04-29-10 03:57 PM

GPU scaling cannot be disabled?

I've been struggling with disabling the "Force Full GPU Scaling" option in nvidia-settings. I would like to have frontend and backend resolution much different from the native one to get as high refresh rate, as possible. Unfortunately, gpu scaling disabled or enabled - leaves backend resolution as native - and monitor OSD confirms this. Is there any way I can disable this scaling and get 640x480 frontend/backend?

Some info:
nvidia-drivers version 195.36.24
kernel version: 2.6.32-gentoo-r6 x64
xorg-server: 1.7.6
xorg.conf settings: twinview 1, no modelines, use edid "true".

AaronP 04-29-10 04:55 PM

Re: GPU scaling cannot be disabled?
Try the ExactModeTimingsDVI option.

Rzadzins 04-29-10 05:28 PM

Re: GPU scaling cannot be disabled?
Thanks, this worked, I was just about to write an update :)

Unfortunately I found another problem. My samsung bw226 monitor displays a message "not optimum mode" - which can be ignored, but the monitor turns itself off after 30 seconds or so... Any idea how to disable this? Can't see anything like it in the OSD... I understand this might not be the best place to ask, but after some googling i'm becoming desperate...

AaronP 04-29-10 05:47 PM

Re: GPU scaling cannot be disabled?
No, I have no idea. That sounds like a monitor issue that you'll need to contact the manufacturer to resolve. Given that you're driving the monitor outside its specifications, you might be out of luck.

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