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DJMONDY 04-30-10 04:49 AM

3dtv questions
Just a few questions about 3dtvs if anyone can help.

Will watching a Sony, samsung or panasonic 3d set give the same effect or have they got different techniques built into them? If they are different which on will be best iyo?

Also the glasses. There seems to be quite a few different types but I don't understand why. Don't they all basically do the same thing?

I had a try of panasonics 3dtv yesterday and I have to say I was impressed with what I saw. Only downside I could see was some double image or ghosting on some scenes. The glasses felt a bit too big but overall quite comfortable.

I don't want to be an early adopter but I might not be able to help myself. Especially with Sonys 3d update due soon for the ps3.

Any of you guys got a 3d tv yet?

onmikesline 05-01-10 12:01 PM

Re: 3dtv questions
it seems that their all the same really, just stick with what price range your looking at, you will be happy. for me i stay away from 3D, it just kills my eyes after 30min. it might be nice at first, and when you take off the glasses the screen seem boring lol. like how did i ever live with out 3D. but i think the technology is not there yet. wait a few years

lee63 05-01-10 12:18 PM

Re: 3dtv questions
I'm waiting for the VT25 to come out, I was going to get the VT20 until I realized the bezel is silver.

Here is some good reading on the Panasonic TV's, the black levels are as good as the older Pioneer Kuro's.


DJMONDY 05-01-10 02:53 PM

Re: 3dtv questions
I've just been reading that they are already developing 3dtvs that will not require glasses to see the 3d effect and they were on show at CES2010. I would love to see that in action! How is it even possible?

Also does anyone know if Microsoft are updating the 360 like Sony are doing with the ps3 for 3d?

DJMONDY 05-02-10 05:21 AM

Re: 3dtv questions
When I bought my first HDTV I got it badly wrong and I wasn't very happy with my purchase. The second HDTV I bought a few years ago was the Sony 40w2000 and I still have it to this day and I've never regretted my purchase because IMO the set is so good.

I would really like to upgrade to a 3d set but I really can't afford to get it wrong.

DarthBeavis: do you test different brands? If so which has the edge for you in picture quality, 2d and 3d?

I wouldn't want less than a 50inch set and I have to say I did like panasonics 3d glasses so something similar in style to them would be fine.

mullet 05-02-10 11:08 AM

Re: 3dtv questions
I always thought Plasma had a richer picture. I am still pretty happy with my LED DLP though.

betterdan 05-02-10 03:01 PM

Re: 3dtv questions
Still happy with my Mitsubishi DLP set also Mullet. When the day comes to upgrade it I imagine I will go with another Mits DLP but larger than a 52 inch this time.

betterdan 05-02-10 03:39 PM

Re: 3dtv questions
Mine doesn't do 3D at all so it doesn't matter.

XDanger 05-14-10 01:23 PM

Re: 3dtv questions
I had a demo of sky 3d the other day at the o2 , Pretty cool.

Will those TV's be able to play PC games in 3d?

Muppet 05-15-10 05:24 AM

Re: 3dtv questions

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis (Post 2243993)

The Panny Plasma looked way better than the Samsungs in that review. Thank you for that link. :)

XDanger 05-15-10 07:45 PM

Re: 3dtv questions

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis (Post 2251796)
which TV?

Polarized passive I think, The glasses were lightweight, don't know what model.

I want to say LG...

jcrox 05-16-10 07:45 PM

Re: 3dtv questions
Glad I read this thread... we just about pulled the trigger on a new 60" Sharp Quattron LED yesterday...

Any recommendations for a really good plasma?

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