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cooldude420 05-07-10 12:03 PM

6200 Performance
Hey, I just picked up a BFG 6200 OC with 256mb of ram.
I'm wondering, will this card work perfectly for general desktop environment use (currently running KDE 4.3)?
I want to be able to drag windows across the screen smoothly, resize/minimize flawlessly, and run advanced compiz graphics at a very smooth framerate (such as desktop cube).

This will all be run @ 1920x1200

MarzEz 01-11-11 07:59 PM

Re: 6200 Performance
A 6200 should be fine for that sort of use. I've run a 6200LE (Lite edition) at 2048x1536, no problems.
It won't do wonders for gaming, but it's plenty for a desktop environment.

Compgeke 07-15-11 01:59 AM

Re: 6200 Performance
I installed a evga GeForce 6200 in the computer I'm building my mom. It can run Aero with transparency and everything but don't plan on playing Crysis on it.

You might want to make sure neither of yours have Turbo Cache because the achieve the full memory it takes off your system memory.

For Linux this card will be great, I can run that on my GeForce FX5200.

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