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News 05-07-10 01:10 PM

NVidia PhysX and CUDA in Softimage 2011
http://www.vizworld.com/wp-content/u..._black_200.jpgAutodesk and NVidia have once again collaborated to bring NVidia CUDA acceleration and PhysX physics simulation to the Autodesk Softimage 3D modeling and animation suite.
'By integrating CUDA and PhysX technologies into the new release of Softimage, Autodesk has opened up a new world of creative options for content creation professionals,' said Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions Group, NVIDIA. 'With Quadro professional graphics, artists using Softimage can now achieve a higher level of realism, by adding physical simulations to their work.'

Primarily these new features are targeted towards users working in game development scenarios, offering improved interactivity and realistic effects. Full press release after the break.

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