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technoid 05-12-10 09:37 AM

HDTV for bedroom
I'm going to buy an HDTV for the master bedroom and would like opinions on these two TVs, and of course any others you want to recommend. We want to go with a 37 inch because a 32 looks too small and a 40 is a little larger than we want.

LG 37LE5300 LCD (LED Backlight)


LG 37LD450


I'm also looking at this Blu-ray player. It's pretty low cost and has built-in wireless too.

LG BD570


technoid 05-12-10 01:26 PM

Re: HDTV for bedroom

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis (Post 2250237)
build a little HTPC with a blue ray player. also, you should have a windows home server box on which you rip your blue rays to and then you can stream then through the house including the bedroom unit.

Yes. I plan to add a home server later with hard wired gigabit ethernet, but for starters I was going to use the wifi on the blu-ray player. I don't know much about LG TVs so I wanted to get some opinions on them. Plus I know nothing about the new LED Backlit TVs. So I was hoping someone could let me know if they are better than the standard TV and worth the money. I do want bright colors with hi-contrast so I'm will to pay extra to get it if necessary.

Oh... The server will be in a closet not by the TV, so that's why the separate player at the TV.

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