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cheb57 05-13-10 03:57 PM

Compilation problem with RT kernel?
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Hello everyone,

Sorry for my english if errors are present.

I'm trying to install the NVIDIA 195.36.24 driver on my newest giada slim n10 computer.
I used a backup from an other computer to avoid a full install.

Now i'm running under the RT kernel compiled directly to my giada computer. i means that i don't have a mismatch problem with gcc or kernel compiling file.

The nvidia installer indicates me that the nvidia module failed to build. In attachement is the installer log.

For information, my kernel have been compiled by using kpkg and gcc 4.4.3.

Any idea or support please? Thanks a lot.

cheb57 05-17-10 03:33 AM

Re: Compilation problem with RT kernel?

I can confirm now that the RT patch (last for kernel) and the 195.36.24 are not compatible together.

Tried the driver compilation, on the kernel without the Real Time patch. Success.

Shall I open a bug issue?


cheb57 05-21-10 04:07 AM

Re: Compilation problem with RT kernel?

I tried to find a way to solve my problem but no success.

Does anyone know if a realtime-preempt patch exist for the ION 195.36.24 driver, as this previous thread?


2.6.33.x kernels with RT patchs and the NVIDIA driver described above are not compatible.

Thanks a lot.

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