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Blacklash 05-15-10 12:18 PM

470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
If you have a mobo with networking provided by realtek and you're getting random hard system freezing with 470 or 480 SLi enabled, you're likely dealing with a driver conflict.

My system is fine with the realtek 7/2009 network driver and 470 SLi but the 3/2010 driver causes random hard locking of my system. This would particularly happen when windows was loading.

If this is happening to you go into safe mode and; uninstall the realtek network driver and remove the nVidia drivers, clear your prefetch folder except for the readyboost folder, leave it be. Start in safe mode again and install the realtek 7/2009 network driver then restart and install your nVidia drivers.

Do not let windows update install the 3/2010 realtek network driver.

That fixed the issue for me.

wheeljack12 05-16-10 07:46 PM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
I am using the march 22nd 2010 realtek network drivers and the 197.75 drivers for gtx 480 sli and I am not getting any problems. I even had both of my realtek's going with a sli and still no problems.

Blacklash 05-17-10 12:35 AM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
I'm did not say everyone has encountered this problem or that they would, just if you have, try the older realtek drivers. Some people couldn't even enable SLi with that driver present, never mind freezing.



My system runs fine with the latest realtek driver and SLi disabled. With SLi enabled I'll get random freezing at times. If it's going to happen it's usually when windows loads. With the drivers provided by EVGA I can run SLi and any nVidia driver out.

So again, the post is for people who have encountered the noted problem and are frustrated or don't know what to do. It's definitely worth a shot for folks having issues.

Rummy 05-17-10 12:53 AM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
Yep thanks for the post lash. I have read of a lot of people having this problem. I had freezing in BC2 and now it is gone after rolling back my realtek drivers and everything is ok. Thanks again.

nekrosoft13 05-17-10 08:32 AM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
does it only happen with SLI?

Rummy 05-17-10 10:04 PM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
Yes I think so. I have not read about a single card issue.

Blacklash 05-21-10 12:06 PM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
Looks like the key for me is removing and reinstalling the realtek driver before I change nVidia drivers. So uninstall realtek, uninstall nVidia, restart, reinstall realtek, restart, then upgrade nVidia drivers. SLi enables fine like that. Any other way = hard lock when trying to apply SLi from the nVidia CP or an eventual system freeze with SLi enabled.

mailman2 05-21-10 12:15 PM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
Or if your SLI is disappearing and only showing one card. Use the driver from EVGA for the Realtek nic.

Blacklash 05-21-10 12:51 PM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking
Yep, that's the driver I'm using.

Last night I moved my second card down to my bottom 8x slot to give it more room. I reinstalled the nVidia driver and SLi enabled fine. This morning I got a system freeze out of the blue with SLi enabled. Windows would lock when loading after this every time. Doing what I described in the last post fixed things again.

Never had these problems with 260 SLi. Ugh. We'll see if it lasts. If it keeps happening I'm going to StepUp one of my 470s to a 480 and ditch SLi.

jscheema 02-27-12 03:11 AM

Re: 470 or 480 SLi + Realtek Networking

Step 1:
Download this older driver from:

Step 2:
Extract file, and open setup.exe, click "remove", and ok.

Step 3:
Re-launch setup.exe and install.

Step 4:
Reboot, and SLI will be fixed. DO NOT UPDATE TO NEWER REALTEK DRIVERS. :)

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