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heaven 05-16-10 06:48 AM

Interface becomes very slow, X using CPU too intensive. Occur on 7600GT and 9500GT.
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Hi there.

I have strange problem with performance. All works fine after I've just logged in to the system. If I run only Firefox and Dolphin scrolling works fine and all is great. But when I run a few more applications and after some time all interface becomes very slower. Scrolling in all applications begins work choppy. During idle CPU is 1-3%, but when I start scrolling (or simply moving the mouse cursor above widgets) it's grows up to 70-100%. In this time X using CPU intensive. If I close a few of applications (even if just one) interface becomes faster but not for long time.

I have already described this problem here http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=234463.

heaven 06-10-10 12:35 AM

Re: Interface becomes very slow after a while.
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Suspend/resume helped in this situation, but for a while... Please, tell me something abut this issue. What is the _nv001698X and why it eats my CPU?

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