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News 05-18-10 09:40 AM

BlendELF, 3D Game Engine
http://images.vizworld.com/wp-conten...t1-595x288.jpgSamuel Anjam has created a new 3D Gaming Engine he calls 'BlendELF' has part of a student project, and so far the results are pretty impressive. Supporting skeletal animation, LUA, C++ and .NET API's, some advanced lighting effects and much more, it's a pretty impressive demonstration that runs on both Windows and Linux.
BlendELF is a game engine written by me, Samuel Anjam, an IT student at the University of Jyväskylä. I am coding the engine as my portfolio project, as a proof of my skills in 3d graphics and game logics/systems coding. I release this engine under the assumption that it could be useful for other people in making prototypes, games and virtual realities.

Hit his site for details and downloads.

via BlendELF, 3D Game Engine.

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