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ajw1980 05-18-10 04:42 PM

3d vision xinerama/twinview

I was testing out the 3d vision kit with xinerama/twinview.

I was able to get stereo to work ok when using 2 of the samsung 2233rz 120Hz monitors, but I was unable to make it work with 1 2233rz and one non-2233rz. Should stereo work with xinerama or twinview enabled and a different set of monitors? Any ideas for configuration options necessary for that?

With 2 displays configured as separate X screens everything is working ok as well.

If the above is possible, would it be possible to also use 2 different video cards with xinerama and stereo working?

ajw1980 06-03-10 02:47 PM

Re: 3d vision xinerama/twinview
I spent some more time and I finally figured out I can make this work by starting X with only the stereo display configured and then enabling the second non-stereo display with nvidia-settings using twinview. Starting with both monitors enables causes the driver to disable stereo. It complains about the modelines need to be identical (which I see is mentioned in the README).

We're still testing, but it would seem everything works as expected. The stereo output is working correctly on the stereo monitor. I've added the TwinViewXineramaInfoOverride option, so the window manager applications know about the layout as well.

Would it be possible to at least have an experimental option to force stereo on with different modelines? This is really a much more ideal configuration than the alternatives. It seems strange to disable stereo with different monitors on startup, but then it works ok when added dynamically.

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