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Dunedain 05-19-10 11:51 PM

I read that updating Vista to DX11 will increase frame-rates in DX10 games even with a DX10 graphics card. I've been waiting for these new nVidia cards (haven't we all? :) ) and am planning on getting a GTX 470 or GTX 480, or possibly waiting until the expected updated cards for Christmas come out.

But if installing DX11 now will give a boost to DX10 games while using a DX10 graphics card now, then there's no reason not to update it. Is that the case, or are there several popular games (maybe like Bad Company 2, that is reported to have some slow downs with DX11) that will get lower frame-rates if DX11 is installed with Vista SP2? I have a GTX 260, by the way.

Thanks for any info. :)

Eltigre88 05-20-10 08:08 AM

Re: DX11
As of right now BC2 runs alot better with DX10. There are huge hold times for entering a game and updating stats with DX11. I have not tried again with the recent Vid driver update that just came out. From what I have read here DX11 does nothing for BC2 anyway just some added shadowing.

Dunedain 05-20-10 04:10 PM

Re: DX11
Yeah, seems there's some kind of bug that affects BC2. Any other games have such problems? Do you get a boost in DX10 game frame-rates with DX10 graphics cards when installing DX11?

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