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eNTi 05-20-10 02:43 PM

HOW-TO disable HDMI

just yesterday i purchased a 250 gts to replace my 8800 gt. i've been connecting them to my display (hp w2207h, hdmi) via a hdmi-dvi cable. today i've tried to play a game and when it started my internal display speakers started to create some terrible static noise. i'm figuring that this has something to do with hdmi-audio. me not want ;). how do i turn that off? i've seen something in this forum about that topic here, but if i do that, my resolution is all weird and my picture blurry. do i need a custom edid for that to work and if so, where can i get those?

any help is greatly appreciated.

eNTi 05-28-10 01:04 PM

Re: HOW-TO disable HDMI

please anyone? this is getting beyond annoying.

artem 05-31-10 01:58 AM

Re: HOW-TO disable HDMI
Remove kernel modules responsible for hdmi audio?

You can find out what modules are loaded by using `lsmod` command.

You can remove a module from the kernel using `rmmod` utility.

primerib 05-31-10 11:15 AM

Re: HOW-TO disable HDMI
The modules is: snd_hda_codec_nvhdmi

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